What to do with your Denneroll

No we aren’t inviting you to dinner (true story, a client thought we were offering them a dinner roll!)

Has your Chiropractor given you a Denneroll to use at home? Here’s how to use it and get the most out of this supportive device. 

Your Denneroll is a cervical orthotic device developed by an Australian Chiropractor, Dr Adrian Dennewald. It provides a gentle but effective stretch that helps to correct abnormal cervical lordosis (fancy way of saying a normal neck curve). The Denneroll can assist in relieving pain and muscle tension. 

How it works

Your doctor will explain how you should use the Denneroll and where its placement will be most effective for you personally. The Denneroll should be placed on a firm, flat surface (floor), in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for a few minutes. It’s a great opportunity to put the headphones in and meditate! Consistency is the key. Place your Denneroll or the tracking chart (included in the box) somewhere you will see them to remind you. Ideally at the same time each day to help create the habit. 

When you are finished using the Denneroll, roll to your side before sitting up (do not sit straight up). 

if you have any problems, concerns or questions about using your Denneroll, please ask! 


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