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Baby Bowen

My baby is brand new! Why would she need any adjustments?

Childbirth is traumatic for both Mum and baby, no matter what type of birth or interventions used. 

Baby Bowen is a gentle, effective way to relieve physical discomfort, calm the nervous system and relax muscles, allowing baby’s body to realign naturally.  

Signs your baby may benefit from Baby Bowen:

  • Neck restriction
  • Colic, reflux
  • Problems feeding
  • Respiratory problems
  • Nervous or anxious babies
  • Constipation, bloating, wind
  • Difficult to settle, restless, sleepless
  • Slow to crawl or walk

Once we have determined we are able to help, Baby Bowen sessions take approximately fifteen minutes and the results can be immediate.

When do you want to bring baby in? Our youngest client was one day old, besides Dr Sandra’s own children whom she checked as soon as she had given birth, so minutes old!

Typically delivered over a minimum of three sessions close together. 

Clinically what we find is if a baby/child presents with an uncomplicated issue, then a handful of sessions would be enough to resolve the initial presenting pattern. And after that, appointments are spaced out to allow checking whether or not the body is able to hold its more adaptive pattern when placed into its normal everyday environment. 

Complicated cases following birth trauma, torticollis, plagioceohaly etc may take longer to see full resolution. We work with you the parent so you are empowered to help your baby away from our tables. Each baby/child is different hence our in-depth questionnaires and assessment to determine the root cause of what is happening for your previous little love, which will then give rise to our recommendations for their care. 

Yes! We have found parents have brought their children to us for a number of reasons – when the nervous system and fasciae systems are under stress it can “show up” as symptoms that can look like;

  •  Behavioural issues – imagine what you would feel like if your body was constantly waiting to either run or fight?
  • Learning difficulties – does your child struggle with attention? Being the fidgety kid at school always getting in trouble for disturbing the class? 
  • Eye tracking issues
  • Balance issues – do you know your child as the “clumsy one” – do they collect doorways with their shoulders on the way through? Don’t walk a straight line? Generally have more injuries than the average child? 
  • Other reasons; growing pains, sport injuries? postural concerns (C curve / text neck / stop slouching!)

You can never be too young or old for Bowen or Chiropractic Care. Depending on the age, the health history, the outcome someone is after will define what care we feel is appropriate to offer. We do not start or continue care if we are not the right fit and will refer you to a recommended practitioner.