Connecting with us for the best experience

In a world full of choices we thank you for choosing us to walk the path to wellness with you.

At Aubin Grove Chiropractic and Wellness, we automate our clinic as much as possible so we can spend the time being with you 1:1 in the rooms vs making you wait for admin needs at each appointment . Hence we tend to pre-book and organise stripe payments to allow you to walk in and and out focusing solely on your healing and getting you back to what you love.

We are also available to you outside of your scheduled appointment times to answer questions and help you with any administration needs.

Here are the best ways to connect with us:

In the clinic

Sometimes we will have a Chiropractic Assistant on the shift and other times we won’t – these team members are here to assist chiropractic and the therapists in delivering the care for the day. They will also work on projects whilst in clinic to help create new exciting experiences and keep your journey smooth.

For the last two years the majority of the time Dr Sandra has completed shifts alone and then had admin support out of hours. If you do happen to see someone sitting at the desk – this may be our IT support, bookkeeper or a CA working on something other than the shift. Please ALWAYS COME TO the Dr or the LOVE NOTE station with your enquiries instead of the person sitting at the desk as they may not be able to help you depending on their role.

When you are in the room with the Dr and need to advise us of any admin needs ie appts, holidays and or documents you require, mention this and we will add as a departure message so our assistant can help you when they come in and do their admin shift.

If you have any questions regarding your care and or exercises and advice – we will most likely schedule a consult time (no extra charge) where we go through this in detail, organise a follow up phone call and or send you links to resources. This way we can focus on the most important thing at that appointment which is your nervous system and deliver the best adjustment, and then still be able to help you stay on time and track by addressing anything that is additional at an appropriate time.

These are found at the front reception hub – there are pens and love notes and drawers to place the notes into for privacy.

This is how you can leave a message if you forget to mention it in the room to us – regarding holidays, statements, schedule updates etc.
Tick the appropriate item and give details as requested and place in the drawer.

This will be taken care of on the same shift , at a specific time I have allocated for the CA to do this work.

This allows our CA to be able to work on projects during shift (new workshops and exciting new additions to our processes) as well as act as a technical CA helping in the rooms , scanning etc .

Out of clinic/outside hours

The ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to connect with us is via our phone line 9414 3113 ( you may wish to save this in your contacts).

This line is available 24/7 (unless there is an internet outage) – and you can leave a message anytime – even 2am in the morning if the baby is sick (saves you having to wait up til office hours and remember to call then as we know what it is like).

Please note if you are an existing client the phone has 3 options – you will choose option 2 for existing clients. It will then ask you to leave a message with your name number and how we can help.
This gets sent as an email which we can access remotely so even on days out of clinic we will be aware of your message.

If it is about a schedule change (giving the 24hrs minimum notice for chiropractic and vibrosaun and 48hrs for massage and Applied kinesiology ) – we will most likely address this by texting you the change as per your request.

We will call you directly if there are things to clarify and answer .

Please note on the days the clinic is unstaffed – Dr Sandra will check these messages 3 x per day and respond to those that need clarification on that day. The rest will be dealt with the following shift by the Chiropractic Assistant.

Please note that all texts regarding appointments come from the same number. You may wish to save this in your contacts.

If you are a family and have appointments on the same day or even two days apart please note you will need to scroll backwards to the SMS you received for the previous appointments so as not to miss any new ones that come through (the texts for chiropractic and vibrosaun get automatically sent 48hrs before your appointment, for massage and Applied Kinesiology they get sent 72hrs before the appointment- this gives you plenty of time to rearrange plans to still be able to attend your appointments with us if you have accidentally double booked.)

If you are currently on more than once a week you may have a text that comes on a day you are already due in telling you of your next appointment. For example, let’s say you are scheduled on a monday at 5pm and then also wednesday at 4pm. This will mean you will receive the text for the monday appointment 48hrs before which is saturday at 5pm. You will also on the monday at 4pm receive a text advising you of the wednesday appointment.

Please make sure you are aware of your schedule – this is the MAP (multiple appointment program) we have created with you for your appointments – this is emailed to you and handed to you when you first commence care. If you need an updated version reach out via phone message and or love note inclinic and we will arrange.

PLEASE NOTE ALL APPOINTMENT TEXTS ARE NO RESPONSE AVAILABLE – so if you need to contact us regarding one of these please call 9414 3113 and leave a message as per above. As longa s you give the 24/48hrs notice even on the days we aren’t physically in the clinic you have done your bit and we will arrange the reschedule on our return to the clinic.

Ie if you have an appointment at 5pm on a monday DO NOT CALL monday morning – call us before 5pm on the sunday as this will be checked.
The reason we ask for as much notice as possible is so we can find the best alternative time for you and also so someone else that is looking for an appointment does not get turned away.

As discussed at your Report of findings we challenge you to keep the appointments where they fall unless it’s absolutely impossible to attend the one orgingally scheduled.

This allows you to keep the rhythm that the body / brain need to harness to get the best our of your adjustments.
It also allows us as your chiropractor . massage therapists to be be able to see if there are any changes occurring – ie if you are always subluxated at a certain area on a monday vs a friday we can then ask the correct questions to find out the cause and help you change the microtrauma that is causing the issue.

As you know we take our job seriously – we want to give you the best possible adjustment, and also equip you with the knowledge you need in order to empower your journey to hit your goals and beyond.
WE WILL SOMETIMES SEND YOU A TEXT FROM THE SAME SERVER (the same mobile number as the appointment confirmation text)

When we do this you will see that the initial text we send has a (24hrs to respond only) at the end – this means the SMS is able to responded to you for up to 24hrs from the date and time you it was sent from us. After this point we may not receive it – so best practice is to respond ASAP and or ring and leave a voice message on clinic phone 9414 3113. That way we never miss anything.

If we have a text conversation of a few texts back and forth which can happen within that period – please keep in mind the 24hr limit even if it’s not on the last text sent – it applies to any we send manually.

We will receive these , but you will receive an automated response advising to call us on the 9414 3113 if you want a faster response as these only get checked when we are on shift.

FAX: if your GP needs to send us a report or EPC plan please get them to email us on

Click here to send a message. Note this if you wish to change/cancel an appointment you must call.

We still sometimes send out snail mail especially for kids that don’t usually receive letters nowadays as a novelty. If you want to send us a funny card, a postcard from your travels etc here are the details.

Our mailing address is:
Aubin Grove Chiropractic & Wellness

4/14 Mapleton Avenue