Whats the big deal with these little bottles of smelly stuff? When you come for your adjustment or massage, chances are we will have a diffuser on. Why? Hint: it goes way, way beyond just a pleasant smell for the clinic!

The team at Aubin Grove Chiropractic & Wellness use essential oils everyday, both in clinic and in our personal life. Its nothing new, humans have been using oils for a very long time! And in recent years, Aromatherapy has bounced back into the spotlight. 

During your massage or chiropractic adjustment we may recommend using an essential oil for aftercare support. Or, if you’re interested in stepping up your low-tox lifestyle, come along to one of our introductory workshops!

Essential oils workshops at Aubin Grove Chiropractic & Wellness

Purify your air

Diffuse essential oils in the car, home and office to improve your air quality and provide an uplifting fragrance to your space.

Detox your home

Sensitive skin in the family? Use essential oils to clean your home without nasty chemicals.

Support great sleep

Perhaps what they're best known for, essential oils help relax, soothe and calm a busy mind for a great nights rest.

Flavour your food*

Just one drop of high-quality FOOD SAFE essential oils can add an explosion of flavour to your cooking.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for their therapeutic benefit. They may be inhaled, applied topically to the skin, ingested*

*Only oils that are approved as food safe by the TGA. 

Essential oils are the volatile aromatic compounds of plants. Oils are found in the roots, leaves, bark, flowers and the rind of citrus fruit, which are distilled down to their pure essential oil. 

The oil is essentially the plants immune system, and is what provides therapeutic benefit for us. A tiny amount goes a long way, just one drop is often enough! 

Most essential oils you find at the chemist, supermarket or cheap variety shops are NOT actually real. Unfortunately, essential oils is not a well-regulated term, therefore even the most synthetic rubbish can be labelled as such. And just like most things, synthetic is much cheaper to produce – a few chemicals in a lab is easier to acquire than large amounts of organic plant material!

So whats the difference? 

To the untrained nose, the $2 bottle of lavender smells pretty close to the real deal. But spend a few years around pure oils, and you’ll find you can spot the difference a mile away! A bottle of cheap and nasty lavender can GIVE you a headache, where the real lavender will not.

Therapeutic Grade means that the oil is pure, has no chemical fillers or synthetics added. It means that (depending on which oil) it is safe to use topically, inhaled directly or even ingested as a flavouring.

This is why we choose to use doTERRA essential oils. Their Co-impact sourcing method is incredible. see video below. Not only do we get the most beautiful oils, but we support an ethically responsible employment opportunities.


The simple answer is YES! But it is important to learn how to use them properly, and understand the difference in oil quality. 

A quick google search is not going to help you learn all that you need to get started. 

This is why we always recommend attending one of our introductory workshops before purchasing and trying essential oils yourself. 

Please DO NOT consume, or apply any oil to your skin that you are not 100% sure is real.