Vibrosaun Sauna Massage

A great complimentary therapy for releasing tension, recovery from intense athletic activity or just a great excuse not to answer your phone. The Vibrosaun is a safe and effective treatment that provides a surprising range of benefits. How will it help you? Dry heat and vibration combined help: 
Vibrosaun Sauna Massage Perth
Loved it, so relaxing!
Loved it, so relaxing!
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Bit weird at first, but really enjoyed it and had a great sleep that night
Bit weird at first, but really enjoyed it and had a great sleep that night
Kirsty D.
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Frequently asked questions about the Vibrosaun

As a very gentle therapy, the Vibrosaun is safe and effective for most people who have been cleared for exercise by a physician. 

Special conditions:

People taking blood thinners should be monitored by their physician throughout their program, as this treatment will naturally have a blood thinning effect as well.

Pregnant women, people with circulatory/heart or vascular disease, active cancer, infectious progressive diseases or those with pacemakers should not use the Vibrosaun.

Most people  do not experience any side effects and report immediate positive effects including increased energy and a really good nights sleep!

However, the Vibrosaun does stimulate a heavy toxin release. As a result, some may experience a ‘healing crisis’ or detox symptoms including headaches, fatigue or irritability. 

To help alleviate symptoms of a healing crisis, ensure that you are well hydrated before each session and drink plenty of fluids afterwards. 

Also, go for a walk afterwards to keep moving (you will hear us harp on about “enjoy your walk around the block!”. If its too wet or hot – we have a solution… our hallway!

Can be a quick 10 minute taster to make sure you will be comfortable, to a 45 minute detox/weight loss session. On average, our clients favourite is a 30 minute session which gets you the results in a timely manner so you can get back to life. 

Loose comfortable clothing is best, but we have had people in their ‘workout wear’ as well – its a personal preference. We do however recommend you remove any heavy jewellery around the neck to feel comfortable. 

If you aren’t already a client of our clinic for another modality we offer, one of our team will undertake an initial assessment of your suitability to the Vibrosaun and teach you how to use it best. 

All of our clients report feeling different after the first session. Clients start off with our introductory pack of 3 sessions as it is recommended to slowly ease your body into any new sport or activity, and having massages or any other therapy is no different. 

Their goals then determine how often and for how long they utilise the service. To that end, we have 10 pack sessions available to allow you the time and freedom to come in when you need. 

The Vibrosaun can comfortably accomodate a person up to 6’3″ (192cm) and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds (136kg).