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When to use a HOT or COLD pack?

Not sure if you should use a hot or cold pack?  Many clients come in saying they have been told to use a heat pack by another therapist or doctor, it feels good at the time but then they find they feel stiffer and more achey once they remove it.  A simple explanation for this is that as you heat your body, the fascia (think of gladwrap surrounding each muscle group, organ and bone that helps create your shape) warms

How to use a Foam Roller

Foam Rolling is a self-myofascial release (SMR) technique. Regular use of a Foam Roller can help reduce muscle tension, pain, and inflammation while increasing your range of motion. Foam Rolling is a great addition to a warm-up or cool down during your regular exercise routine.  Download the user guide for Foam Rolling

What to do with your Denneroll

No we aren’t inviting you to dinner (true story, a client thought we were offering them a dinner roll!) Has your Chiropractor given you a Denneroll to use at home? Here’s how to use it and get the most out of this supportive device.  Your Denneroll is a cervical orthotic device developed by an Australian Chiropractor, Dr Adrian Dennewald. It provides a gentle but effective stretch that helps to correct abnormal cervical lordosis (fancy way of saying a normal neck

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